NFT Collections

The Frank Ape Collection

by Frank J. Guzzone x Frank Ape

Frank Ape infinite Object squish frank Frank J. Guzzone

"Squish Franks" infinite object photo. Click link below to view videos and stills of each of the 5 pieces in the collection.


     Frank and Frank merge their signature styles together to create a diorama like environment blending the best qualities of 2D and 3D imagery. Each one is a seamless infinite loop. When all four Frank Apes come together they squish around!

Animated Frank Ape x Frank J. Guzzone "digital prints" are available from Infinite Objects by clicking this link. They are a limited edition animated digital print on a vibrant screen. Click the link to see and learn more.

Collect the original 1 of 1 digital print NFT on an oversized 10-inch Infinite Object screen signed by both artists including an original watercolor painting by Frank Ape on the back. (Links below)

View images and videos of the complete "The Frank Ape Collection" -

Separate links for each: City Walk, Desert Walk, Island Walk, Forest Walk, Squish Franks


Frank Friends - Series 1 and 2, #1-100 

 Frank Ape - Frank Friends

A selection of Frank Friends Series 1 and Series 2: #27 Glow, #30 Pirate, #65 Mermaid, #66 Safari

   Frank Friends represent all of us. Over a span of a year I created Series 1 and 2 of Frank Friends, a collection of 100 different Frank Ape personas inspired by real people and some of my favorite fictional characters.

    I hope they make you smile and serve as an optimistic reminder we are all in this together.

    When I first created Frank in 2011 one of the first things I did was create a collection of drawings with Frank in various outfits and as various iconic figures. Something about Frank being able to transform into anyone was fun and exhilarating.

   Frank Friend token holders will continue to receive special airdrops and exclusive access in the future.

Frank Friends - Series 1 #1-50

Frank Friends - Series 2 #50-100


Frank Ape on Async Art 

View Async collection here.

Dynamic artworks that change based on time or controlled by the collectors.

It Takes A Village has three layers that collectors can change to alter the image. Explore the customizable artwork here

It Takes A Village is a homage to the neighborhood, an integral facet of daily life that is often overlooked. Neighborhoods consist of all types of characters that help bring it to life. Community is the fabric that unites us all. Celebrate each other and be a positive member of your neighborhood. Say hello, offer to lend a helping hand, talk to the animals, and keep an eye out for aliens. As the collector of this work of art you can customize the piece by controlling the amount of Franks, animals, and six different times of the day. How you compose the different states of each layer helps tell a story of a moment in time in the neighborhood.

We live in a world that is constantly shifting every second. Let's take a minute to celebrate the humanity that bonds all of us. Each Frank has it's own unique story, self-expression, and energy. Each day we cross paths, form new connections, and try to leave our positive mark on the world. Frank is an extension of everyone. Helping others helps everyone. Let's be Frank.


With Exquisite Frank you and the other layer owners collaborate by changing each section of Frank. The collectors are forever linked in a never ending game of exquisite corpse. With this exquisite corpse, because it is digital, you can even change the background and foreground separately in two different layers, mixing the elements of each to create an entirely unique landscape.

Play Exquisite Frank here :)


Animated Frank Classics Collection on Known Origin

Frank Ape Classics Collection on Known Origin - NFT

Perhaps my favorite collection are these infinitely looping Frank classics.



FRANK APE x Gap - Make Your Mark

Click here to participate and read more - 24 Hour Auction for this 1 of 1 NFT with "Always Play" limited edition all over embroidered FRANK APE x Gap hoodie. Auction ends 1/25/22 9AM PST, 12PM EST  

     A 1 of 1 FRANK APE animated NFT, an infinite loop with musical score. This is the first ever animated FRANK APE animation to be offered to collectors. Music by

"Make Your Mark" - 27 second animation, 2022

Every day is a new opportunity to create your own mark and be yourself. It’s not how long your name stays on the wall for everyone to see, but it’s the joy of self-expression. Find something you love and do it with kindness. For some it’s a spray can, for others it’s a clean wall. Embrace the challenge and have fun.

Frank and The Buffer have an unspoken dialogue back and forth in this infinitely looping story. Creation and destruction are woven together in a metaphor of flux, balance, and life.

Drawn and animated by Brandon Sines

Music by

Edition of 1



FRANK APE x Gap - Dance To Your Own Beat

100 "Epic Level" NFT's that can be redeemed for a special Epic NFT and a super limited edition "Always Play" FRANK APE x Gap hoodie.

Buy on on secondary marketplace here.

Unredeemed Above 

FRANK APE x Gap - Feel The Rhythm


Redeemed NFT that also comes with a limited edition of 100 "Always Play" hoodie, FRANK APE x Gap


Frank Ape x Gap - Always Play Hoodie - Design Sketches by Brandon Sines


Design sketch of "Always Play" hoodie


NFT and Limited Edition of 100, "Always Play" FRANK APE x Gap Hoodie
Release 1/19