Frank Ape Animated Story

    Frank Ape is a mystical creature who lives in New York City amongst the humans but without human restrictions.

Frank Ape Guggenheim Museum 60th Anniversary by artist Brandon SinesFrank Ape piece to help officially celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum. 

    Frank has special powers that even he continues to discover as he is tested by the many challenges of life. Frank embodies positivity and equality, and cares about all living things. He believes in using imagination and play to "create your own universe" and inspiring other people and animals through thoughtful actions. Frank can be seen all over the world on any given day but it is New York City that he calls home. 

 Frank is an extension of everyone and everything.

Helping others helps everyone.

Let's be Frank.

Frank Ape installation at Contra Studios with friends.Frank and Friends in Frank World site specific installation at Frank Ape solo show "Over The Rainbow"